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Manage your event

Manage all of the information and contents of your event on our provided system as we attempt to make it as convenient as possible

All of the information and data of your website are managed on the system. The system of website is built with the goal of giving the convenience to users and making the fine operation on website. You just need to follow the way we show you.

Features of your event and support services provided with your event are managed effectively and logically on the system. In addition, you can manage the list of abstracts, fullpapers, attendees and services bookings on the system. We attempt to make your event perfect and help you manage it from the beginning to the end.

So as to support you in managing your event efficiently, our customer support department will instruct how to operate and manage the system after your event website has been completed and handed over. Besides it, we also support you during the operation process of your event and give you support in necessary case. It is very simple and easy-to-use, let us help you save time and work in a well-planned and effective way.