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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Our security policy to explanation of privacy

- Type of information we store as well as the reason we store your information
- How we secure and make your data safe when your business stores on our system. 
- Options we provide including how to access and update information.

We will try to show it as simple as possible. However, if you are not familiar with terminologies such as cookie, IP address, or SSL protocols and browser, you firstly should get to know these terminologies. Data of travel businesses as well as users are extremely important to VIETISO. So, though you or your travel business just uses Travel Master software or travel website product or you have used it for a long time, please spend time learning more about usage method or features of Travel Master software product or travel website we provide - and if you have any questions, please refer to this page.

Information Security

We always attempt to protect users who have used and are using Travel Master software and websites we provide from unauthorized access, unauthorized alteration, disclosure or information destruction that the software or website stores. In detail:

- We use SSL to encrypt many of our services.
- We provide you with two - step verification process when you access Website Administration Account on our travel website system.
- We consider access, storage and handle mode of information including material security solution to protect against unauthorized access to the system. 
- We only allow our employees, contractors and representatives of VIETISO to access information of business as they are those who usually communicate with the information to help us handle it and they have to bear the domination of strict security task in contract and they can be disciplined or terminated the contract if they do not follow these tasks.

Compliance and cooperation with the authorities

We often assess our compliance to our privacy Policy. We also follow some of the regulatory frameworks. When we receive official complaint in text, we will contact with complainant to get more information. We cooperate with appropriate management agencies including agencies storing and transferring data to handle complaints related to business data transfer but can not be directly handled with the users. 

Time to apply the security Policy

Our privacy policy is applied for all websites or software or services provided by VIETISO and affiliated companies of VIETISO. It is also applied for services provided on other websites (such as our advertisement service on the system of Kênh Ẩm Thực 365), but does not contain services with privacy policy not included in this privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy is not applied for services provided by other companies or individuals including all of the products or websites that can be displayed in search result. Websites may include services of Google or other websites affiliated from our service. 


Our privacy policy can be changed by time. We will not reduce your rights based on the privacy Policy without your agreement. We will register any change to privacy policy on the website, if the change is important, we will provide more prominent report (for some certain services, changes of privacy policy will be reported via email). We also keep previous versions of the Policy in archive for your consideration.